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Pest Facts

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Pest Facts

Norway Rat


The Norway rat is the largest of rodents. They damage materials, eat and contaminate stored food, and carry disease. They are 7 to 9 ¼ inches long with course brown and black fur. Signs of a house mouse infestation include gnaw marks, droppings, burrows, damaged goods, etc. They will eat almost anything, and enjoy meat, cereal, and dog food in particular. They nest along embankments, sewers, basements, and sometimes in attics. To eradicate and control Norway rats, it is important to understand their behavior in order to effectively set traps.

Roof Rat


Roof rats are the smaller species of rats, and like others, damage materials, contaminate food, and carry disease. They average about 7 inches long with soft brown and black fur. Signs of a roof rat infestation include gnaw marks, droppings, burrows, and damaged goods. Roof rats are nocturnal and live in colonies. They nest in upper areas of buildings and trees. They eat almost anything, but prefer seeds, berries, and nuts as well as insects. As with other rodents, it is important to know their feeding and nesting patterns, food preferences, and travel range to effectively set traps.

House Mouse


The house mouse is the most commonly seen rodent. They damage materials, eat and contaminate stored food, and carry disease. Adult house mice are about 3 inches in size and dusty gray in color with a white belly. Signs of a rat infestation include gnaw marks, droppings, burrows, damaged goods, etc. They eat many kinds of food, preferring seeds and insects. They typically nest in dark, undisturbed places as mice are nocturnal creatures. Control is based on behavior - to set traps effectively, place them where mice are likely to have been.



Fleas are a common pest problem for many households, especially those with pets or those in rural farm areas. While we normally think of fleas as pests that cause discomfort by biting, they can also carry several diseases. Flea treatment for your pets and indoor and outdoor pesticide treatment. Regular house cleaning methods, such as vacuuming, can also control fleas and reduce their occurrence.

Cat Flea

cat fleas

Cat fleas are the most domestic flea. Contrary to their name, they are found on both cats and dogs. They are brownish-black to black and can jump up to six inches. These fleas can also transmit the plague and tapeworms.

Bed Bugs

bed bugs

Bed bugs are a growing problem in the United States, with increased incidents of bed bug infestations over the past 20 years. Since 2006 dramatic increases in bed bug reports have been found across the United States. Although they seem like an "old world" bug issue, these biting pests have come full circle in attacking United States residents. Over the past couple of years, 007 Pest & Termite has seen an increase in bed bug infestations while providing pest control services in our area Bed Bug Biology. The bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is a nocturnal pest that feeds on blood and causes itchy irritated bites. Bed bugs are usually 1/4 to 3/8 inch (4-5mm) long, with a flat, oval-shaped body. They are a rusty brown color when unfed but after feeding swell in size and become a red-brown color. Bed bugs can cause infestation by reproducing rapidly, with female bed bugs lying over 500 eggs in a lifetime.

Where Can You Find Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can be found anywhere that they can find a host to feed from. They can be found in such places as hotels, movie theaters, apartments, libraries, retail stores, dormitories, office buildings, and more. In the home, bed bugs hide near the piping, seams, and tags of the mattress and box spring, and in cracks on the bed frame and headboard. In heavily infested rooms bed bugs will hide in the seams of chairs and couches, between cushions, in the folds of curtains, in drawer joints, in electrical receptacles and appliances, under loose wallpaper and wall hangings, and even under carpet. Although bed bugs are not known to carry infectious diseases, their bites are itchy and irritate the skin. Bed bugs are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide given off by potential feeding sources and only feed at night (usually between 1-4 AM). Once they feed they return to their hiding places for digestion and typically feed every 5-10 days. Typically bed bugs are brought in the home by "hitchhiking" on suitcases, furniture, or clothing. It is always important to check used items for bed bugs before bringing them into your home.

Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs

A proactive approach to bed bug prevention is the best method of keeping your home, family, or even business safe from a bed bug infestation. The best way to prevent bed bug infestation in your home is to be careful in places where people travel, such as hotels, apartment buildings, or dormitories. When staying in hotels bed bugs can "catch a ride" and set up in your home, thus causing an infestation. Make sure to inspect your room for bed bugs and keep luggage on furniture racks and off of the floor. Also, be vigilant when acquiring used furniture and beds. To remove bed bugs, you can launder or place used items in a dryer for 10-20 seconds on high heat. This way the chance of a bed bug infestation is largely reduced. If you do have a bed bug infestation do not attempt to treat on your own using chemicals. Many "do it yourself" bed bug methods have caused illness and even death in certain cases over the past several months. Give 007 Pest & Termite a contact to ensure safe and effective treatment and removal of bed bugs from your home or business.

Fire Ants


Fire ants get their name from the venom injected by a stinger that leaves a burning sensation followed by tiny, itching bites. They are aggressive ants that swarm over anything that disturbs their nests, which can be an unpleasant surprise if accidentally stumbled upon. They can cause damage to crops, building structures, and electrical equipment which makes these pests an even bigger problem. The most common fire ant species seen in the Gulf Coast of Texas are the southern fire ant, the tropical fire ant, and the red imported fire ant. Give 007 Pest & Termite a contact to become better acquainted with our procedures.

Southern Fire Ant


The southern fire ant, Solenopsis xyloni, is a native species of the United States which occurs from North Carolina south to northern Florida, along the Gulf Coast, and west to California. The head and thorax of a southern fire ant are yellowish-red and its abdomen is black in color. Southern fire ant colonies may be constructed as mounds or more commonly found under stones, boards, and other objects used as shelter. These ants also nest in wood or the masonry of houses, especially around heat sources such as fireplaces. Colonies usually are made of loose soil with craters that are about 2 to square feet in size. Southern fire ants swarm in late spring and summer.

Tropical Fire Ant


The tropical fire ant, Solenopsis geminate, is a native species of the United States that is also found in the Southeast from North Carolina to Texas. The tropical fire ant is very similar to the southern fire ant and usually nests in mounds constructed around clumps of vegetation, but may also nest under objects or in rotting wood.

Red Imported Fire Ants


The red imported fire ant (RIFA), Solenopsis invicta, was introduced from South America in the 1930s by shipping transport. RIFA build their colonies in cleared lands that have access to direct sunlight. They build mounds that are, on average, 10"-24" in diameter and 18" high. Red imported fire ants respond to disturbances in their mounds, like other fire ants, and can reproduce and spread quickly causing an infestation in an area.

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